We are extremely excited to announce the formal launch of

What is  We think of it as a technology studio, where the same team of professionals can apply a core set of capabilities against many business problems.  In our case, we try to apply our backgrounds in data, algorithms and strategy to a broad set of industries including healthcare, energy, consumer Internet and others.

Unlike an incubator or a venture capital firm, we ideate, prototype and fund our own ideas (and those that our extended community brings to us).  We have learned over our careers the power of experimentation as both a validation tool and as a driver of growth.  Our goal is to learn by launching: rapidly iterating on business concepts and reducing the pre-launch business case over-analysis that can kill good ideas and cost valuable time and capital runway.

So is this another Big Data play?  No.  While we believe that there is plenty of value in looking at big data, we are focussed on utilizing algorithms that can find the insights hiding in plain sight in new data sources such as electronic medical records, FAA data, device-level energy use and data sources that we can create through UGC or crowd-sourcing.

How can you work with us?  We are actively looking for data scientists and full-stack engineers to come and join us.  We also hope to be a leading Washington hub for the discussion of new technology and business concepts related to applied data science.

Jim & Ned

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