WHO WE ARE & WORKING WITH US works with companies to use A.I. to drive meaningful improvements in profitability.

We work with C level executives to identify business units and processes that can be improved through the use of A.I.

We have existing applications in multiple areas and can bring those to bear almost immediately to drive profit improvement.  If we jointly identify an opportunity for which a solution doesn’t yet exist, and we believe that solution is applicable to a broader market,  we will bring our code library, team and even our own capital to build the solution.

We are not a consulting firm – we build A.I. software solutions that drive profit.

We are not a customer development shop – All of our solutions become products that are applied to multiple companies and industries.


Working with us:

In almost every executive suite and boardroom, someone is asking the question “How will A.I. change our business?” A.I. is often portrayed as massive, long-term initiatives like self-driving cars and robotic medicine.  But the real opportunity is in Practical A.I. – in every company, there are people and processes that make every-day replicable decisions that have real economic impact but remain relatively unsupported by data and algorithms.  Salesforces, procurement agents, editors, schedulers, routing software, etc – all can quickly benefit from the application of A.I. methodologies.

We work with companies to identify those opportunities and then bring our solutions and expertise to bear.  Whether we already have a product or need to build one, our team of business strategists, data scientists, and full stack developers is focused on driving solutions for companies that deliver measurable and significant improvements in cash flow.


Jim Manzi


Jim Manzi


Jim was founder, CEO and Chairman of Applied Predictive Technologies (APT), which became the world’s largest purely cloud-based predictive analytics software company. Prior to founding APT, Jim worked at AT&T Laboratories, and was a partner at Mercer Management Consulting.

Jim received a B.S. in mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was subsequently awarded a Dean’s Fellowship in statistics to the doctoral program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Ned Brody


Ned Brody


Ned has led a variety of technology businesses over the last 20 years, having been Yahoo’s Head of the Americas, CEO of AOL Networks, Chief Revenue Officer of AOL and CFO of LookSmart. Previously, he started and led Mercer Management Consulting’s Internet Practice and San Francisco Office.

Ned holds a MBA and a B.S. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with concentrations in decision theory and finance.


Working at is Different.


Team members have the opportunity to work on a variety of companies, industries and topics, rather than remaining focused on a single company and function.  All employees participate in the ideation and vetting processes as we collectively determine what companies to build next.  And if one of the companies we build is particularly interesting to a team member, they always have the option to spin out with that entity.


We are committed to building careers, not jobs.  That means that developers can learn the capital funding process, and data scientists can learn B2B marketing.  We want to help develop well-rounded business leaders – some of whom will use these skills within a technical domain, and others of whom will become company founders and general managers.


Beyond competitive cash compensation, equity participation is across all the companies on which a team member works, effectively creating a portfolio of equity for each team member rather than the binary risk associated with an individual startup.


We look for problem solvers with a history of demonstrated excellence.  But being great at your function isn’t enough.  In a typical week, you might write and test code, conceptualize a pricing strategy, and model AWS cost structures to figure out how to make a SaaS offer profitable.  As a result, our interview process is both tech skill and case-study based.